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How do I Apply for a ND Concealed Weapon License?

  1. First, ensure that you are eligible for a ND license. Then, decide whether you want a Class 1 or Class 2 license. Contact a Test Administrator and schedule a date to complete the required testing for that license. Even if you have a license from another state, you are still required to successfully complete all the testing requirements in order to apply for a ND license.
  2. The test administrator can charge up to $50 for the testing, plus additional range fees (if applicable). The testing fee includes a copy of the Concealed Weapon License Manual for you to keep.
  3. You will need an application form. Complete it and take it with you when you do the concealed weapon license testing, because the Test Administrator has to sign it when you finish testing. Make sure you complete every question. You will need to sign the form in TWO places. If the form is not properly completed, signed and dated, it will be returned to you.
    • YOU MUST DISCLOSE ANY offense with which you have EVER been charged, arrested or convicted, at ANY time in your adult life – EVEN if the sentence was deferred, the charges later dismissed, or the conviction later expunged from your court record. If you don’t remember the exact details, write what you can remember. Failure to make full disclosure is a “material misstatement" and WILL result in denial of your application.
  4. After testing, you will need:
    • 2-color passport photographs – write your name on the back of each photo.
    • A $60.00 cashier’s check or money order for the non-refundable application processing fee. Write your name on the cashier’s check or money order. NO personal checks, NO joint (husband/wife) payments.
    • Fingerprints - check with your local law enforcement agency, law enforcement officer, detention officer or Test Administrator.  There are also private companies that offer this service. There may be an additional fee for fingerprints.  If fingerprints are determined to be unacceptable (ie of poor quality, their validity is in question, etc), we will notify the applicant that we need a new set.
    • A copy of your current driver’s license or state issued photo identification card. If your driver’s license or identification card was issued in a state other than ND, you also will need to attach a copy of a valid concealed weapon license from your home state, which state must have reciprocity with ND;
  5. You must submit the application form within 30 days of completing the testing. Put the completed application form, the photographs, fingerprints, a copy of your driver’s license (and a copy of your concealed weapon license from your home state, if applicable)  and the cashier’s check/money order in an envelope and mail it to:

    ND BCI - CWL
    PO BOX 1054
    BISMARCK ND 58502-1054

Each application form must be in a separate envelope – no joint (husband/wife) or bulk submissions. Applications must be submitted by mail; the BCI does not accept hand delivered application forms.

It takes up to 60 days to process a properly completed application form that has all required attachments. If your form is incomplete or missing an attachment, it will be returned.  If you satisfy the criteria established by law, your license will be issued within 60 days; if not, you will receive a denial letter

To renew a Class 1 license, you must complete all required testing.