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Concealed Weapon Reciprocity

RECIPROCAL STATES: North Dakota concealed weapons licenses are recognized in the following states and a valid concealed weapon license issued by any state listed below is recognized in North Dakota, so long as the weapon is carried in accordance with North Dakota’s laws.

Transfer of out of state license.


Alabama Iowa Nevada Texas
Alaska Kansas New Hampshire Utah
Arizona Kentucky New Mexico Vermont 1
Arkansas Louisiana North Carolina Virginia
Colorado Maine ▀ ▲ Ohio Washington
Delaware Michigan ▀ ▲ Oklahoma West Virginia
Florida Mississippi Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Georgia Missouri South Carolina ▀ ▲ Wyoming
Idaho Montana South Dakota  
Indiana Nebraska Tennessee  


Alabama Idaho New Hampshire Vermont 1
Alaska Iowa North Carolina Wyoming
Colorado Kentucky Oklahoma  
Delaware Michigan ▀ ▲ South Dakota  
Florida Missouri Texas
Georgia Montana Utah

This state does not recognize non-resident concealed weapon licenses. For more information, contact this state directly. (Note: if you have moved to ND, your concealed carry license from this state may no longer be valid.)
This state has additional conditions – such as a minimum age requirement (age 21), residency, citizenship, or other restrictions – that may affect reciprocity for some ND license holders. To ensure full compliance, or for more information, you must check with that state.
1 No license required to carry concealed in VT, however, VT residents may not carry concealed in ND unless they possess a valid concealed weapon license from ND or from a state that has reciprocity with ND.

Reminder: Weapons must be carried in accordance with the laws of the state you are visiting. Be sure to check the laws of the other state before traveling there with your weapons.

NON-RECIPROCAL STATES: The following states do not recognize North Dakota concealed weapons licenses. Therefore, reciprocity is not possible.

State Reason
California Does not recognize out of state licenses.
Connecticut Does not recognize out of state licenses.
Hawaii Does not permit either its own residents or any non-resident to carry a concealed weapon.
Illinois This state’s laws have recently changed.  We are communicating with Illinois to determine whether reciprocity is possible.
Maryland Does not recognize out of state licenses.
Massachusetts Does not recognize out of state licenses.
Minnesota Will not provide reason.
New Jersey Does not recognize out of state licenses.
New York Does not recognize out of state licenses.
Oregon Does not recognize out of state licenses.
Rhode Island Does not recognize out of state licenses.

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