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Law Enforcement Training FAQ's

1. How and where do I sign up for initial Intoxilyzer 8000 training?

Intoxilyzer 8000 training registration is available on-line at the Crime Laboratory website.  Your agency training officer needs to sign you up at the website. The actual training will be classroom training at times scheduled by the Crime Laboratory. The webpage will be updated with new information as training is scheduled.

2. How and where do I sign up for initial Breath Alcohol Screening Device training?

Your agency’s training officer should have this information already, but if not, the training officer may request training packets from the Crime Laboratory for you. The training is done online through the Crime Laboratory website.  After you have completed the on-line training, you will take a quiz and your training officer will return the required documentation and quiz results to the Crime Laboratory.  Required documentation includes your registration and completion of the Peace Officer Standards and Training form.

3. How do I get recertified for the Intoxilyzer 8000?

You must re-certify for the Intoxilyzer 8000 every two years. Re-certification is available on-line at the Crime Laboratory website.

4. How do I get recertified for the onsite breath alcohol screening?

Re-certification for onsite breath alcohol screening must be done every two years and is available on-line at the Crime Laboratory website.

5. Training Officer: Where and what are the most current training materials?

Current training materials are available at LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING.

6. Where do I get the State Toxicologist’s approved method for testing for breath alcohol?

The State Toxicologist’s approved methods are available at APPROVED METHODS.

7. Who needs to complete recertification training?

Recertification training needs to be completed by all current certified Intoxilyzer® S-D5 (Class 7) and Intoxilyzer® 8000 (Class 8) operators whose certification is ready to expire. Recertification training is NOT for officers who have yet to complete initial training on Breath Alcohol instruments.

8. When and where do I need to take recertification training?

Recertification training is to be completed every 2 years after the date of initial training. This is provided online, at no expense, at LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING.

9. Why isn’t the expiration date listed on the operator card?

The operator card is valid for more than one type of certification. Different certifications have different expiration dates.

10. Will I receive POST Board credit for this online training?

You will receive POST Board credit only if YOU enter your POST Board number when requested during the online training session.

11. What if I don’t take the recertification training on time and my certification expires?

We understand that military deployment and agency location changes sometimes make it difficult to meet deadlines. If your certification has expired, you will need to have your training officer contact the Crime Laboratory directly for authorization to complete the recertification training after your expiration date.

12. What if I fail the online quiz?

If you fail the online quiz, you will have an opportunity to review the presentation and materials again and retake the quiz. 

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