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Auto Calculating Gaming Forms and Tax Return

There are three types of auto calculating tax forms organizations may use to verify that reported numbers are mathematically correct or print the completed form for submission to our office. Each auto calculating form has fields that can be entered by the organization and additional fields (Adjusted Gross, Gaming Tax, Allowable Expenses, etc.) which will automatically calculate using the information entered.

An organization with gross proceeds greater than $250,000 for a fiscal year, or who conducts gaming in more than two sites, must file a long form tax return.

Organization’s who must file a long form tax return and have more than one site can use the Auto Calculating Long Form and Schedule A’s. The form can accommodate up to 26 individual sites. This form will calculate the Adjusted Gross Proceeds and calculate the subtotal for Gross Proceeds, Prizes, Adjusted Gross, and Cash Profit for each site. It will then calculate the site information to the front page of the return. Start on page 2 for the first site. Complete each site in order. If there was no activity for a site during the quarter, complete the site name, site number, any gaming expenses for the site, and move to the next site. Be sure to enter the Gaming Expenses for each site. Each site’s gaming expenses will get calculated in total to the front of the return on line 28. Once all sites are entered, go to page one and complete the front page of the return. On the front page of the return, fields that may need information input by the organization are highlighted. This form is more complex and will take a little time to calculate from one field to the next. Please be patient.

The Auto Calculating Short Form also calculates the Schedule C information to the front of the return.

Auto Calculating Short Form Tax Return PDF
Auto Calculating Long Form Tax Return and Schedule A PDF
Auto Calculating Long Form Schedule C PDF
Auto Calculating Recordkeeping, Law, and Rule Books Order Form PDF