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Requesting a North Dakota Criminal History Record Check

The “subject” is the person whose record you wish to obtain.  A criminal history record check is not the same as a background check.

A criminal history record check may be name-based or fingerprint based. A name-based search will not identify records if the subject was arrested under a different name from the name(s) listed on the request form. A fingerprint-based search will identify arrest records even if the subject used an unknown alias. If a fingerprint-based search is requested, fingerprints must be provided. To obtain fingerprints, contact your local law enforcement agency.

You need the subject’s:

  • Full name (including maiden name, former name or known aliases),
  • Date of Birth,
  • Social Security Number OR the subject’s fingerprints, and
  • Current address (unless the subject has signed an authorization form),

Complete the:

Request for Criminal History Record Information
Criminal History Record Check for Public Schools

Submit the request along with a check or money order (NO CASH) for $15.001 made payable to the “ND Attorney General.”

It takes approximately 7-10 days to process and complete the criminal history record check, so you can expect to receive the results by regular mail in approximately 10 days -2 weeks. If you need to expedite the request, you must include a pre-paid self-addressed overnight/priority mail type envelope and payment only in the form of a certified cashier's check or money order.

Unless a signed authorization accompanies the request, the BCI will mail a notice to the subject that the criminal history record has been released.

NOTE: If you require the response to be certified or notarized you must attach a written request to the record request form. For information about an Apostille, contact the North Dakota Secretary of State at (701) 328-2901.

1 An eligible non-profit charitable organization may submit an Application for Reduction in Fee. Upon approval, the fee is reduced to $5.