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Eligibility for a Concealed Weapon License

Concealed weapon licenses may be issued only to those individuals who legally may possess a firearm/dangerous weapon. Individuals may be prohibited by state or federal law from owning, possessing, or having a firearm under their control. For more information, contact an attorney in private practice.

You cannot transfer another state’s concealed carry training or a concealed carry license to ND. If you want to obtain a ND license, you must apply for a license and comply with all requirements.

To be eligible to apply for a North Dakota Concealed Weapon License, you:
  1. Must legally be able to possess a firearm/dangerous weapon*; and
  2. At least age 21 (for a Class 1 License), or at least age 18 (for a Class 2 License); and  
  3. Either a US Citizen OR a legal permanent resident alien; and 
  4. Your state of residence is determined by your driver's license. If you are not a ND resident, you must have a valid concealed weapon license from your home state, which state must have reciprocity with ND; and
  5. You must pass the testing requirements in the state of North Dakota with one of our test administrators; and
  6. For a Class 1 license, you cannot have been convicted of any offense involving the use of alcohol (e.g.: MIP, MIC, open container, DUI) within 10 years prior to the date of application or renewal application. If you have an alcohol offense within the past 10 years, you may apply only for a Class 2 license.

The ND concealed weapon license is valid for 5 years.

* If you have questions about your eligibility to possess a firearm, please contact an attorney in private practice. Eligibility for a concealed weapon license is a determination that can be made only after the application process has been completed by BCI. Once the application process is completed, either the license will be issued or the applicant will receive a denial letter explaining the reason for denial.

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