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Is a Minor Child Eligible for a Security Freeze?

Yes, a security freeze can be placed on a minor child’s credit file if the child has an existing credit file. If a credit file does not exist for a minor child, it is not possible to place a security freeze.

A credit file is opened for an individual once the first application for a loan, credit card, or other extension of credit (i.e. overdraft protection) is received. Even if a credit report exists for a prior credit request or other transaction, the credit report may not exist with all three major credit reporting agencies because creditors do not necessarily report transactions to all three credit reporting agencies.

For minors with an existing credit file it is important to request a free credit report each year, preferably one every four months, rotating the credit reporting agencies (see: http://www.ag.nd.gov/CreditReport.htm).

If you are surprised to learn that a credit file exists for a minor child (indicating an application for credit has been made in the child’s name), you may wish to discuss this with your child. If you determine the child may be a victim of identity theft, contact the Consumer Protection division for assistance, toll-free, at 1-800-472-2600.


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