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Attorneys (Prosecuting or Defense) FAQ's

1. I need a certified report for a blood alcohol or drug testing for a DUI.

Prosecutors may request a certified report by sending a written request on agency letterhead, a fax on agency letterhead, by an e-mail on the state’s attorney’s e-mail system, or by telephone call and leaving a call-back number.

Defense counsel may request a report by sending a letter on business letterhead, or a fax on business letterhead, and include a written authorization from the test subject. RELEASE OF INFORMATION/PROOF OF REPRESENTATION

The Crime Laboratory only certifies reports for peace officers, law enforcement agencies, and government agencies.

2. Can I get a Discovery Packet with everything?

Discovery should be requested through the Prosecutor. If defense counsel makes a discovery request directly to the Crime Laboratory, the request must include a signed written authorization for disclosure from the client before the Crime Laboratory will provide the discovery.

The Crime Laboratory provides for discovery a form listing the information available on the Crime Laboratory website and the following information: the analytical report, test results, submission forms, chain of custody, quality control data for the applicable batch, and testing data. The Crime Laboratory will make the Instrument Manual, linearity studies, interference studies, and validation studies available for review at the Crime Laboratory.

3. Who did the analysis on this case? Can I talk to that individual?

Defense counsel must submit a signed and written authorization for disclosure from the client before the analyst may talk to the representative or attorney.

4. How do I show client representation? Where can I get a release form?

The Crime Laboratory will accept a faxed or mailed letter on business letterhead stationary with a description of the requested information accompanied by a written and signed authorization for disclosure from the client. An authorization for disclosure form is available at RELEASE OF INFORMATION/PROOF OF REPRESENTATION.

5. Is the analyst available for testimony?

Crime Laboratory analysts must be subpoenaed for testimony. The analyst should be contacted for availability. If the analyst has received more than one subpoena, the analyst will appear for testimony pursuant to the first subpoena received and advise the issuer of other subpoenas of the conflict.

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