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Insurance/Power of Attorney/Legal Right to Information FAQ's

1. Who can legally get testing results from the Crime Lab?

The Crime Laboratory may disclose test results to the law enforcement officer or agency requesting the testing or analysis to the individual who was tested, or to the representative of that individual. The Director of the Crime Laboratory may also permit inspection of reports of testing and analysis by an individual or entity that has a proper interest in the report, e.g., Workforce Safety and Insurance, another government agency, or an insurance company.

2. How do I get a copy of the results?

The Crime Laboratory will provide a copy of the test results to the individual who was tested if that individual personally appears at the Crime Laboratory and presents government-issued photo identification. The individual’s attorney or authorized representative may request a copy of the test results by mailing or faxing a written request on business letterhead and including written authorization from the individual or on a form provided by the lab. Another person holding lawful power of attorney for the individual may also request the results by making a request in writing and providing proof of the power of attorney. The Crime Laboratory does not provide test results by telephone.

3. How do I get reports for deceased family members

The Crime Laboratory may not disclose the results of examinations of decedents when the cause of death resulted from a motor vehicle crash or the death occurred in a motor vehicle except upon the issuance of a subpoena duces tecum by a court of competent jurisdiction.

4. What paperwork do I need to submit to the Crime Laboratory to get test results?

The Crime Laboratory will accept a faxed or mailed letter on government agency or business letterhead stationary with a description of the requested information. If the request is through your authorized representative, including your defense attorney, the request must include a written and signed authorization for disclosure from you.

5. If I cannot get the information from the Crime Lab, where would I obtain it?

You may ask the arresting agency or the prosecutor if it is available.

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