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Memos - General

08-04-2015 All Agencies Receiving Forensic Reports Certification of Biological Screening, DNA, Drug, Firearms/Toolmarks, Fire Debris, Latent and Trace Laboratory Reports  
11-18-2014 All Agencies Receiving Toxicology Reports Revised - Toxicology Reports - Certification Update  
05-12-2014 Law Enforcement Agencies Postage Due  
07-27-2011 State's Attorneys & County Recorders Legislative Changes - Effective August 1, 2011  
04-29-2011   Appointment of State Toxicologist  
07-28-2009 All Agencies Receiving SAE Kits, ND Department of Health, Others Forensic Medical Examinations New Coverage, New Reimbursement Request Forms  
07-16-2009 Criminal Justice Agencies, Correctional Facility Administrators & State's Attorneys All Felony Arrestee DNA Testing  
02-07-2008 Chief of Police & Sheriffs Submission of DNA Evidence  
08-10-2007 Law Enforcement Agencies DNA Submission of Guidelines  
03-16-2007 Law Enforcement & State's Attorneys New Guidelines for Submission of DNA Evidence  
03-16-2007 Law Enforcement Agencies Proper Postage  
01-04-2007 Law Enforcement Agencies Submission of Evidence  
10-14-2005 State's Attorneys & Law Enforcement Convicted Offender & Offender Registration DNA Queries  
09-14-2005 State's Attorneys & Law Enforcement Controlled Substance Testing  
08-01-2005   Designees of the State Crime Laboratory Director - August 1, 2005  
02-10-2005 Law Enforcement Agencies Syringe Submission Update  
12-22-2004   Appointment of Deputy State Toxicologist