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Under the Microscope

This newsletter has ceased publication.

03-01-2015 1st Quarter 2015 Legislation, Breath Alcohol Instrument Training, Live Scan Fingerprinting
12-01-2014 4th Quarter 2014 Caseload, Toxicology Reports, Submitting Evidence
10-01-2014 3rd Quarter 2014 Upgrades, Alternate Light Source, New BCI Criminal Investigation Course
  The newsletter was not published for the 1st & 2nd quarters of 2014  
10-01-2013 Volume 4/Issue 5 CODIS Hits, Drug Chemistry - Plants, POST Board Credits
08-01-2013 Volume 4/Issue 4 DNA Caseload, Shooting Reconstruction, Criminal History Records
06-01-2013 Volume 4/Issue 3 Drug Analysis-Update, Digital Media Submissions
04-01-2013 Volume 4/Issue 2 Latent Print Analysis Update, Annual Inspection, Drug Submissions - Updated
02-01-2013 Volume 4/Issue 1 Alco-sensor FST Update, Crime Laboratory Safety, DNA Submissions
12-01-2012 Volume 3/Issue 8 ASCLD Accreditation, DNA Case File Requirement, Serial Number Restoration, Mail Submission
10-01-2012 Volume 3/Issue 7 New Latent Print Unit, Forensic Chemist Seminar, BCI Training
08-01-2012 Volume 3/Issue 6 Designer Drugs, Turnaround Times, Alcohol Screening Devices, Cyberevidence
06-01-2012 Volume 3/Issue 5 Caseload, Newsletter update, Mock Court & the Scientist, Fingerprints
04-01-2012 Volume 3/Issue 4 CTO Online Training, Carboxyhemoglobin Analysis, Field Test Kits
03-01-2012 Volume 3/Issue 3 DNA Hits, The HemaTrace Test, C.I. School
02-01-2012 Volume 3/Issue 2 Online Improvements, CODIS Hits, Identification of Unknown Substances, Synthetic Cannabinoids
01-01-2012 Volume 3/Issue 1 2011 Review, 2012 Goals, Gas Chromatography, NPLEX
12-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 11 Survey results, Turnaround items, Christmas Tree Staining, UCR Reporting
11-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 10 Drug chemistry, Evidence Packaging, Analyzing Synthetic Drugs, PSE Monitoring
10-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 9 IVN Benefits, The Analysis Contract, Register for Classes, CS... V
09-01-2011 Volume2/Issue 8 Lab Audit, Intoxilyzer 8000 Classes, Sperm Hy-Liter, FA Web
08-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 7 Faster DNA Reporting, Legislative Changes, DNA Dryers
07-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 6 New LIMS System, Bath Salts, Personal Samples, Training
06-01-2011 The June issue was cancelled because of flood-related activities. -
05-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 5 Improving the Process; Turnaround Times, Distance Determinations, Training
04-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 4 Retirement, Turnaround Times, Latent Print Examiners, Training
03-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 3 Case Management System, Turnaround Times, DNA Samples, Arson
02-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 2 Staying ahead, Turnaround Times, Screening for Semen, Evidence
01-01-2011 Volume 2/Issue 1 New year's Goals, Turnaround Times, Courtroom Testimony, Net Weight
12-01-2010 Volume 1/Issue 6 Processing Times, Trace Evidence Analysis Resumes, Latent Prints
11-01-2010 Volume 1/Issue 5 DNA Profiles, Turnaround Times, Intoxilyzer 8000, Drug Analysis
10-01-2010 Volume 1/Issue 4 Crime Lab Services, Wanted: DNA, Drug Screening Changes, DNA Submission
09-01-2010 Volume 1/Issue 3 DNA Submission, Intoxilyzer Training, Ignitable Liquid Analysis, Evidence Submission
08-01-2010 Volume 1/Issue 2 ISO Accreditation, Measuring Progress, Developing Latent Prints, Video Training
07-01-2010 Volume 1/Issue 1 Introduction, Online Training, Synthetic Cannabinoids, New Liaison Position