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Testing Certification Process

To obtain approval to sell fire-safer cigarettes in North Dakota, submit the following information to the State Fire Marshal:

  • a cover letter identifying the cigarette manufacturer and the manufacturer's contact person
  • a list of all brands and styles of cigarettes the manufacturer wishes to certify as fire safer in North Dakota
  • written certification attesting that each cigarette listed in the certification has been tested in accordance with section 18-13-02 and each cigarette listed in the certification meets the performance standard in NDCC 18-13-02.1(c)  that "No more than 25% of the cigarettes tested in a test trial in accordance with this section may exhibit full-length burns. Forty replicate tests must comprise a complete test trial for each cigarette tested."
  • for each cigarette listed in the certification, a description including:
    • brand and style
    • length in millimeters and circumference in millimeters
    • flavor, if applicable
    • filter or non-filter
    • package description, such as soft pack or box
    • the package marking approved by the North Dakota State Fire Marshal under NDCC 18-13-04
    • the name, address and telephone number of the laboratory, if different than the manufacturer, that conducted the test
    • the date testing occurred
  • payment of the $250 fee for each cigarette style listed in the certification.

Certification Application PDF

Submission Information
Test certification for any cigarette that cannot be tested under ASTM E2187-04 must be proposed in accordance with N.D.C.C. § 18-13-02.3. Send all information to:

ND State Fire Marshal
250 North 31st Street #7
Bismarck ND 58501