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1999 Opinions

12-30-1999 Kristi Pettit, Assistant Grand Forks City Prosecutor 99-L-132
12-23-1999 Lonnie W. Olson, Ramsey County State's Attorney 99-F-17
12-23-1999 Bruce Hagen, North Dakota Public Service Commission 99-F-16
12-21-1999 Wayne P. Jones, Ransom County State's Attorney 99-L-128
12-09-1999 James Odegard, Grand Forks County State's Attorney 99-L-126
11-29-1999 Wayne G. Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Grindberg, State Senator, Al Carlson, State Representative 99-F-15
11-26-1999 Rich Wardner, State Senator 99-L-121
11-26-1999 A. Roger Kringlie, Northwood City Attorney 99-L-118
11-18-1999 Howard Swanson, Grand Forks City Attorney 99-L-115
11-18-1999 Larry Robinson, State Senator 99-L-112
11-18-1999 Tom Fischer, State Senator 99-L-110
11-17-1999 Audrey Cleary, State Representative 99-L-107
11-04-1999 G. David Massey, Department of Public Instruction 99-L-104
11-01-1999 Theodore Kessel, LaMoure County State's Attorney 99-L-98
10-19-1999 Roger Johnson, Commissioner of Agriculture 99-L-94
10-15-1999 Mary K. O'Donnell, Rolette County State's Attorney 99-L-92
10-15-1999 Sparb Collins, Public Employees Retirement System 99-L-89
09-24-1999 Joel C. Heitkamp and Vern Thompson, State Senators 99-L-87
09-13-1999 Elwood Thorpe, State Representative 99-L-83
09-09-1999 Sharon Gallagher, Mandan City Attorney 99-L-78
09-08-1999 Edwin J. Nagel, State Auditor's Office 99-F-14
09-02-1999 Debra S. Lundgren, State Representative 99-L-75
08-25-1999 Robert A. Schaible, Deputy Secretary of State 99-F-13
08-12-1999 Carol Olson, Department of Human Services 99-F-12
08-06-1999 Wayne Stenehjem, State Senator 99-L-71
08-06-1999 John Dorso, State Representative 99-L-68
08-06-1999 James S. Abbott, State Board of Accountancy 99-L-65
08-05-1999 Earle Myers, Jr., Richland County State's Attorney 99-F-11
July 26, 1999 H. Jean Delaney, Assistant Barnes County State's Attorney 99-L-63
July 23, 1999 Thomas E. Rutten, Ramsey County Water Resource District 99-L-59
07-23-1999 Carol Olson, Department of Human Services 99-F-10
07-06-1999 Carol Olson, Department of Human Services 99-L-57
06-29-1999 Gerald O. Sveen, State Representative 99-F-09
06-29-1999 Ronald Nichols, State Representative 99-L-54
06-22-1999 Rae Ann Kelsch, State Representative 99-L-52
06-07-1999 Stephen Rice, Walsh County State's Attorney 99-F-08
05-25-1999 Peter Welte, Steele County State's Attorney 99-L-48
05-20-1999 Alvin A. Jaeger, Secretary of State 99-L-45
05-19-1999 Russell L. Hanson, Agriculture Products Utilization Commission 99-L-38
05-17-1999 Richard Riha, Burleigh County State's Attorney 99-F-07
05-11-1999 Carol Olson, North Dakota Department of Human Services 99-F-06
04-07-1999 Stephen M. McLean Dickey County State's Attorney 99-L-36
04-07-1999 Linda Hickman, Williams County State's Attorney 99-L-33
04-07-1999 Allen Koppy, Morton County State's Attorney 99-F-05
04-05-1999 Wade G. Enget, Mountrail County State's Attorney 99-L-30
03-30-1999 Fabian Noack, Carrington City Attorney 99-L-28
03-29-1999 Robin Thompson, Gordon McHenry County State's Attorney 99-L-26
03-24-1999 Merle Boucher, State Representative 99-F-04
02-26-1999 Rich Wardner, State Senator 99-F-03
02-19-1999 George Keiser, State Representative 99-F-02
02-16-1999 Kathleen K. Trosen, Harvey City Attorney 99-L-22
02-09-1999 Jeff Rotering, Slope County State's Attorney 99-L-19
01-25-1999 Walter Lipp, Sheridan County State's Attorney 99-L-15
01-20-1999 Rod Froelich, State Representative 99-L-13
01-19-1999 Steven W. Tomac, State Senator 99-L-11
01-06-1999 Tim Mathern, State Senator 99-F-01
01-05-1999 Robert R. Peterson, State Auditor 99-L-8
01-05-1999 Carol K. Olson, Department of Human Services 99-L-4
01-04-1999 Lynn E Erickson, Cavalier County State's Attorney 99-L-1