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2001 Opinions

12-20-2001 Earle Myers, Jr., Richland County State's Attorney 2001-L-53
12-17-2001 H. Jean Delaney, Barnes County Assistant State's Attorney 2001-L-52
12-11-2001 Eric Hardmeyer, Bank of North Dakota 2001-F-10
11-28-2001 Dennis Schulz, Secretary-Treasurer, North Dakota Real Estate Commission 2001-L-51
11-21-2001 James M. Kasper, State Representative 2001-L-50
11-19-2001 Bob Stenehjem, State Senator 2001-L-49
11-09-2001 Merle A. Torkelson, McLean County State's Attorney 2001-L-48
11-09-2001 Dennis Renner, State Representative 2001-L-47
11-02-2001 Ben Tollefson, State Senator 2001-F-09
10-23-2001 James D. Gion, Hettinger County State's Attorney 2001-L-46
10-22-2001 Kermit Lidstrom, Education Factfinding Comission 2001-L-45
10-22-2001 Sparb Collins, Executive Director, PERS 2001-L-44
10-18-2001 Ken Solberg, State Senator 2001-L-43
10-10-2001 Lonnie Olson, Ramsey County State's Attorney 2001-L-42
10-09-2001 Rick Clayburgh, State Tax Commissioner 2001-L-41
10-09-2001 Fabian Noack, Foster County State's Attorney 2001-L-40
10-09-2001 Ray Wikenheiser, State Representative 2001-L-39
09-25-2001 Nancy Johnson, State Representative 2001-L-38
09-19-2001 Richard Riha, Burleigh County State's Attorney 2001-F-08
09-14-2001 Mary K. O'Donnell, Rolette County State's Attorney 2001-L-37
09-14-2001 Robert Peterson, State Auditor 2001-L-36
09-13-2001 Bob Gruman, North Dakota Development Fund 2001-L-35
08-31-2001 James Johnson, Mercer County State's Attorney 2001-L-34
08-30-2001 Ronald Weikum, Grant County State's Attorney 2001-L-33
08-20-2001 Jerry Renner, Kidder County State's Attorney 2001-L-32
08-14-2001 Linda Hickman, Williams County State's Attorney 2001-L-31
08-13-2001 Bruce Eckre, State Representative 2001-L-30
08-10-2001 Tony Grindberg, State Senator 2001-L-29
07-20-2001 Fritz Fremgen, Stutsman County State's Attorney 2001-L-28
07-20-2001 Nevin Van de Streek, Minot City Attorney 2001-F-07
07-19-2001 Duane Mullenberg, Foster County Water Resource District 2001-L-27
07-13-2001 Terence Devine, Nelson County State's Attorney 2001-L-26
07-13-2001 Bob Stenehjem, State Senate and Wesley Belter, House of Representatives 2001-L-25
07-06-2001 Roger Johnson, Agriculture Commissioner 2001-L-24
07-06-2001 Stuart Larson, Grandin City Attorney 2001-L-23
07-03-2001 Jeff Delzer, State Representative 2001-L-22
06-29-2001 Todd Porter, House of Representatives 2001-F-06
06-26-2001 Duane Mullenberg, Foster County Water Resource District 2001-L-21
06-12-2001 Yvonne Smith, Department of Human Services 2001-L-20
06-07-2001 Keith Kempenich, House of Representatives 2001-L-19
06-07-2001 Larry Robinson, State Senate 2001-L-18
06-01-2001 James Johnson, Mercer County State's Attorney 2001-L-17
05-17-2001 Jerry Blanchard, Board of Chiropractic Examiners 2001-L-16
05-16-2001 Ted Seibel, Wells County State's Attorney 2001-F-05
05-08-2001 John D. Olsrud, Legislative Council 2001-F-04
05-01-2001 Gary Nelson, State Senator 2001-L-15
04-23-2001 Lee Armstrong, Williams County Assistant State's Attorney 2001-F-03
04-19-2001 Dwight Wrangham, State Representative 2001-L-14
04-06-2001 Pam Gulleson, State Representative 2001-L-13
04-03-2001 George Keiser and Al Carlson, State Representatives 2001-L-12
04-02-2001 Kenneth Dalsted, Jamestown City Attorney 2001-L-11
03-27-2001 Ole Aarsvold, State Representative 2001-L-10
03-21-2001 Judy Demers, State Senator 2001-L-09
03-19-2001 Ben Tollefson, State Senator 2001-L-08
03-08-2001 Aaron Krauter, State Senator 2001-L-07
03-07-2001 Fritz Fremgen, Stutsman County State's Attorney 2001-L-06
02-26-2001 Linda Hickman, Williams County State's Attorney 2001-L-05
02-22-2001 Jeff Rotering, Adams County State's Attorney 2001-F-02
02-15-2001 Aaron Krauter, State Senator 2001-L-04
02-14-2001 Ronald McBeth, Richland County Assistant State's Attorney 2001-F-01
02-13-2001 Donald Becker, Emmons County State's Attorney 2001-L-03
02-06-2001 James Gion, Grant County Assistant State's Attorney 2001-L-02
02-06-2001 Merle Boucher, State Representative 2001-L-01