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2003 Opinions

12-23-2003 Ladd R. Erickson, McLean County State's Attorney 2003-L-62
12-22-2003 Richard Brown, State Senator 2003-L-61
12-10-2003 Rich Wardner, State Senator 2003-L-60
12-08-2003 Robert E. Manly, New Rockford City Attorney 2003-L-59
12-08-2003 Richard Wilkes, Burke County State's Attorney
12-01-2003 Ron Weikum, Grant County State's Attorney 2003-L-57
12-01-2003 Alvin Jaeger, Secretary of State 2003-L-56
11-21-2003 James O. Johnson, Mercer County State's Attorney 2003-L-55
11-20-2003 Pam Sharp, Office of Management and Budget 2003-L-54
11-20-2003 Harvey Tallackson, State Senator 2003-L-53
11-18-2003 Wayne Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction 2003-L-52
11-18-2003 Nevin Van De Streek, Minot City Attorney 2003-L-51
11-12-2003 Alvin Jaeger, Secretary of State
11-07-2003 Ray Holmberg, State Senator and Ken Svedjan, State Representative
11-04-2003 Terence Devine, Nelson County State's Attorney 2003-L-48
10-31-2003 Larry Isaak, Chancellor, North Dakota University Systems
10-22-2003 Lois Delmore, State Representative
10-14-2003 Randy A. Schobinger, State Senator 2003-L-45
10-14-2003 David Ystebo, Chairman of the Board, Workforce Safety and Insurance 2003-L-44
10-08-2003 Howard D. Swanson, Grand Forks City Attorney 2003-L-43
09-26-2003 Jim Kasper, State Representative 2003-L-42
09-26-2003 Phillip Mueller and Jon Nelson, State Representatives 2003-L-41
09-25-2003 S. Lee Vinje, Portland City Attorney 2003-L-40
09-19-2003 George Keiser, State Representative 2003-L-39
09-15-2003 David Glatt, Department of Health 2003-L-38
09-04-2003 William Brudvik, Mayville City Attorney 2003-L-37
08-29-2003 Jim Poolman, Insurance Commissioner 2003-L-36
08-27-2003 Richard Riha, Burleigh County State's Attorney 2003-L-35
08-18-2003 Scott Stewart, Cavalier County State's Attorney 2003-L-34
08-04-2003 Dean Hildebrand, Game and Fish Department 2003-L-33
07-23-2003 Amy Warnke, State Representative 2003-L-32
06-09-2003 Wade Enget, Stanley City Attorney 2003-L-31
06-09-2003 Merle Boucher, State Representative 2003-L-30
06-09-2003 Robert Peterson, State Auditor 2003-L-29
05-27-2003 Ray Wikenheiser, State Representative 2003-L-28
05-09-2003 Robin Thompson-Gordon, Kidder County State's Attorney
05-05-2003 David P. O'Connell, State Senator
04-14-2003 Neil W. Fleming, Pembina County Water Resource District
04-11-2003 Merle Boucher, State Representative 2003-L-25
04-04-2003 John Van Grinsven III, Ward County State's Attorney 2003-L-24
04-03-2003 Francine Johnson, Private Investigative and Security Board 2003-L-23
03-26-2003 Howard Swanson, Grand Forks City Attorney
03-26-2003 Wayne Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction 2003-L-21
03-19-2003 James Johnson, Mercer County State's Attorney
03-19-2003 Scott Solem, Stanton City Attorney
03-19-2003 Merle Boucher, House of Representatives 2003-L-18
03-13-2003 David P. O'Connell, State Senator 2003-L-17
03-13-2003 Nevin Van de Streek, Minot City Attorney 2003-L-16
03-04-2003 Wayne Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction 2003-L-15
03-04-2003 Cameron Sillers, Langdon City Attorney 2003-L-14
02-25-2003 Richard W. Olson, Thompson City Attorney 2003-L-13
02-25-2003 Janet Placek Welk, Education Standards and Practices Board 2003-L-12
02-25-2003 Merle Boucher, State Representative 2003-L-11
02-21-2003 Jeffrey Leadbetter, Ransom County State's Attorney
02-13-2003 Garylle Stewart, Fargo City Attorney 2003-L-09
02-11-2003 Robert R. Peterson, State Auditor 2003-L-08
02-10-2003 Lawrence Klemin, State Representative 2003-L-07
02-10-2003 Francis J. Wald, State Representative 2003-L-06
01-31-2003 Bob Stenehjem, State Senator 2003-L-05
01-30-2003 Merle Boucher, House of Representatives 2003-L-04
01-30-2003 Linda L. Hickman, Williams County State's Attorney 2003-L-03
01-16-2003 Gary R. Thune, Board of Podiatric Medicine 2003-L-02
01-13-2003 Timothy Priebe, Dickinson City Attorney
01-02-2003 James T. Odegard, Grand Forks County State's Attorney 2003-L-01