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2004 Opinions

12-28-2004 Harlan Klein, ND Wheat Commission 2004-L-78
12-28-2004 Stuart A. Larson, Traill County State's Attorney
12-22-2004 Dr. Wayne G. Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction
12-22-2004 Eliot Glassheim, Representative
12-20-2004 Daniel Gaustad, Pembina City Attorney 2004-L-74
12-08-2004 Wayne G. Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction 2004-L-73
12-07-2004 Kent Reierson, Williston City Attorney 2004-L-72
11-24-2004 David Sprynczynatyk, Department of Transportation 2004-L-71
11-18-2004 Terry Elhard, McIntosh County State's Attorney
11-12-2004 John Mahoney, City Attorney 2004-L-69
11-10-2004 Francine Johnson, Private Investigation & Security Board 2004-L-68
11-05-2004 Robert R. Peterson, State Auditor 2004-L-67
10-29-2004 Dale L. Frink, State Engineer 2004-L-66
10-29-2004 Richard J. Riha, Burleigh County State’s Attorney 2004-L-65
10-28-2004 John Andrist, State Senate 2004-L-64
10-06-2004 Lois Delmore, House of Representatives 2004-L-63
10-06-2004 Francis J. Wald, State Representative 2004-L-62
10-05-2004 Major General Michael Haugen, Adjutant General, North Dakota National Guard 2004-L-61
10-04-2004 Garylle B. Stewart, Fargo City Attorney 2004-L-60
09-22-2004 Mary Ekstrom, State Representative 2004-L-59
09-14-2004 Kent Vesterso, Towner County Water Resource District 2004-L-58
09-08-2004 Galen Mack, Pierce County State's Attorney 2004-L-57
09-02-2004 Dave Koland, Garrison Diversion Conservancy 2004-L-56
08-23-2004 Bob Martinson, State Representative 2004-L-55
08-10-2004 Garylle Stewart, Fargo City Attorney 2004-L-54
08-05-2004 Donald Becker, Emmons County State’s Attorney 2004-L-53
08-03-2004 Kathleen Trosen, Harvey City Attorney 2004-L-52
07-29-2004 Kenneth Dalsted, Jamestown City Attorney 2004-L-51
07-23-2004 Jerry Klein, State Senator 2004-L-50
07-23-2004 Williams County State's Attorney
07-16-2004 Stark County State's Attorney 2004-L-48
07-09-2004 Gene Kouba, Interim Commissioner, Department of Veterans' Affairs 2004-L-47
07-01-2004 Dr. Wayne G. Sanstead, Department of Public Instruction 2004-L-46
06-28-2004 Aaron Krauter, State Senator 2004-L-45
06-28-2004 Richard Riha, Burleigh County State's Attorney 2004-L-44
06-17-2004 Public Service Commissioners Clark, Wefald and Cramer 2004-L-43
06-17-2004 Kathi Gilmore, State Treasurer 2004-L-42
06-16-2004 Peter Welte, Grand Forks County State's Attorney 2004-L-41
06-01-2004 Rhonda Ehlis, Gladstone City Attorney 2004-L-40
05-27-2004 Michael Polovitz, State Senator 2004-L-39
05-26-2004 William E. Kretschmar, Ashley City Attorney 2004-L-38
05-26-2004 Karla Mittleider, Children's Services Coordinating Committee 2004-L-37
05-26-2004 Francis Wald, State Representative 2004-L-36
05-25-2004 Garylle Stewart, Fargo City Attorney 2004-L-35
05-21-2004 Scott Solem, Beulah City Attorney 2004-L-34
05-11-2004 Michael Connor, Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board 2004-L-33
05-03-2004 Gary Neuharth, Dickey County State's Attorney 2004-L-32
04-27-2004 Wayne G. Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction 2004-L-31
04-26-2004 Todd Porter, State Representative 2004-L-30
04-20-2004 Pam Sharp, Office of Management and Budget 2004-L-29
04-19-2004 Arne Boyum, City of Rolla 2004-L-28
04-14-2004 Tim Mathern, State Senator 2004-L-27
04-06-2004 Steven Vogelpohl, Lincoln City Attorney 2004-L-26
04-01-2004 Ray Holmberg, State Senator 2004-L-25
03-31-2004 Carol Olson, Department of Human Services
03-19-2004 Patrick Donovan, Hazen City Attorney 2004-L-23
03-12-2004 John Mahoney, Oliver County State's Attorney 2004-L-22
03-11-2004 John Van Grinsven, Ward County State's Attorney 2004-L-21
03-08-2004 Richard Riha, Burleigh County State's Attorney 2004-L-20
03-05-2004 Donald Becker, Linton City Attorney 2004-L-19
03-02-2004 Mary K. O'Donnell, Rolette County State's Attorney 2004-L-18
03-02-2004 Stan Lyson, State Senator
02-12-2004 James D. Hovey, Larimore City Attorney 2004-L-16
02-12-2004 Michel W. Stefonowicz, Crosby City Attorney 2004-L-15
02-11-2004 Larry Bellew, State Representative 2004-L-14
02-11-2004 Michael Haugen, Adjutant General 2004-L-13
02-09-2004 Michael Connor, Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board 2004-L-12
02-09-2004 Roger Johnson, Agriculture Commissioner 2004-L-11
01-30-2004 William J. Brudvik, Mayville City Attorney
01-30-2004 Carol Olson, Executive Director, Department of Human Services 2004-L-09
01-30-2004 Stuart A. Larson, Traill County State's Attorney
01-20-2004 Lisa B. Gibbens, Towner County State's Attorney
01-20-2004 Jim Poolman, Commissioner of Insurance
01-14-2004 Robin Huseby, Barnes County State's Attorney
01-13-2004 Mark Bachmeier, Department of Labor 2004-L-04
01-13-2004 Nici Meyer Clarkson, Bowman County State's Attorney 2004-L-03
01-12-2004 Paul Murphy, Foster County State's Attorney 2004-L-02
01-05-2004 Mike Ressler, Information Technology Department 2004-L-01