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2005 Opinions

12-21-2005 Wayne Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction 2005-L-48
12-19-2005 Stephen McLean, Oakes City Attorney 2005-L-47
12-19-2005 Ron Carlisle, State Representative 2005-L-46
12-16-2005 Dwight Cook, State Senator 2005-L-45
12-08-2005 Gary Preszler, State Land Commissioner 2005-L-44
12-08-2005 J. Thomas Traynor, Jr., Devils Lake City Attorney
12-05-2005 Jeffrey Leadbetter, Ransom County State's Attorney 2005-L-42
11-09-2005 Karen Wojahn, ND State Board of Massage 2005-L-41
11-04-2005 Tony Clark, Susan Wefald, Kevin Cramer, Public Service Commission 2005-L-40
10-27-2005 Wade Enget, Mountrail County State's Attorney 2005-L-39
10-26-2005 Jeffrey K. Leadbetter, Ransom County State’s Attorney 2005-L-38
10-21-2005 Lois Delmore, State Representative 2005-L-37
10-20-2005 Richard Riha, Burleigh County State's Attorney
10-20-2005 John Mahoney, Center City Attorney 2005-L-35
10-13-2005 Rhonda Ehlis, Dunn Center City Attorney 2005-L-34
10-11-2005 David Weiler, State Representative 2005-L-33
10-11-2005 A.W. Stokes, Richland County State's Attorney 2005-L-32
10-07-2005 April Fairfield, State Senator 2005-L-31
10-06-2005 Tim Mathern, State Senator 2005-L-30
10-06-2005 Kimberly J. Radermacher, Ellendale Assistant City Attorney 2005-L-29
10-06-2005 Thomas Christensen, State Soil Conservation Committee
10-04-2005 Lonnie W. Olson, Ramsey County State’s Attorney 2005-L-27
09-27-2005 Randy Schobinger, State Senator 2005-L-26
09-26-2005 Richard J. Riha, Burleigh County State's Attorney 2005-L-25
09-21-2005 Tim Flakoll, State Senator 2005-L-24
09-21-2005 Lisa B. Gibbens, Towner County State ’s Attorney 2005-L-23
09-16-2005 Rita Sommers, State Board of Dental Examiners 2005-L-22
09-09-2005 Richard Brown, State Senator 2005-L-21
08-18-2005 Brian Grosinger, Morton County State's Attorney's Office 2005-L-20
08-10-2005 Thomas Bair, Morton County Attorney for County Water Resource 2005-L-19
08-16-2005 James O. Johnson, Mercer County State’s Attorney 2005-L-18
06-29-2005 Nicholas B. Hall, Grafton City Attorney 2005-L-17
05-31-2005 John Van Grinsven, Ward County State’s Attorney
05-12-2005 John Hoeven, Governor 2005-L-15
04-29-2005 Mary Ekstrom, State Representative
04-29-2005 Lonnie W. Olson, Ramsey County State's Attorney
03-17-2005 Jeffrey K. Leadbetter, Ransom County State's Attorney
03-17-2005 Robin Huseby, Barnes County State's Attorney 2005-L-11
03-03-2005 John Warner, State Senator 2005-L-10
02-17-2005 Tom Secrest, Adams County State's Attorney 2005-L-09
02-17-2005 Larry Robinson, Senator & Robin Huseby, Barnes County State's Attorney 2005-L-08
02-07-2005 Larry Bellew, State Representative 2005-L-07
02-04-2005 Wayne G. Sanstead, Superintendent of Public Instruction 2005-L-06
01-28-2005 Timothy A. Priebe, Dickinson City Attorney 2005-L-05
01-25-2005 Rudy Jenson, Administrative Committee on Veterans Affairs 2005-L-04
01-17-2005 Barbara Whelan, Pembina County State's Attorney 2005-L-03
01-13-2005 Ken Svedjan, Representative 2005-L-02
01-05-2005 Ken Royse, Chairman, Burleigh County Water Resource District 2005-L-01