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2006 Opinions

12-21-2006 Paul Murphy, Griggs County State's Attorney 2006-L-38
11-24-2006 Jerry Klein, State Senator 2006-L-37
11-02-2006 Maury Thompson, Sioux County State's Atttorney 2006-L-36
10-30-2006 Wayne Sanstead, Department of Public Instruction 2006-L-35
10-20-2006 Tom Seymour, State Senator, Eliot Glassheim & Lee Kaldor, State Representatives 2006-L-34
10-04-2006 Kimberly J. Radermacher, LaMoure County State's Attorney 2006-L-33
09-21-2006 Swain Benson, Sr.,Bottineau County State's Attorney 2006-L-32
09-20-2006 ND State Plumbing Board 2006-L-31
09-14-2006 Jim Poolman, Insurance Commissioner 2006-L-30
09-11-2006 Shirley Meyer, State Representative 2006-L-29
09-06-2006 Robert R. Peterson, State Auditor 2006-L-28
09-01-2006 Kim Koppelman & Randy Boehning, State Representatives 2006-L-27
08-31-2006 Nici Meyer Clarkson, Bowman County State's Attorney 2006-L-26
08-28-2006 Wade G. Enget, Mountrail County State’s Attorney 2006-L-25
08-28-2006 Kent A. Reierson, Williston City Attorney 2006-L-24
08-16-2006 Todd Porter, State Representative 2006-L-23
08-16-2006 Kent Reierson, Williston City Attorney 2006-L-22
07-24-2006 James O. Johnson, Mercer County State's Attorney 2006-L-21
06-30-2006 Russell Hons, North Dakota Private Investigative and Security Board
06-16-2006 Robert R. Peterson, State Auditor 2006-L-19
05-25-2006 Richard Riha, Burleigh County State's Attorney 2006-L-18
05-12-2006 Charles Peterson, Golden Valley County State's Attorney
05-09-2006 Stuart A. Larson, Traill County State’s Attorney 2006-L-16
04-24-2006 Don Vigesaa, State Representative 2006-L-15
04-17-2006 Sharon Martens, Walsh County State's Attorney 2006-L-14
04-12-2006 Richard Herr, Wishek City Attorney 2006-L-13
03-29-2006 Alvin Jaeger, Secretary of State & Tim Mathern, State Senator 2006-L-12
03-27-2006 Galen Mack, Pierce County State's Attorney 2006-L-11
03-22-2006 Joel Heitkamp, State Senator 2006-L-10
03-02-2006 Ronald J. Weikum, Grant County State's Attorney
02-17-2006 Kari Conrad, State Represenative 2006-L-08
02-16-2006 John Van Grinsven, Ward County State's Attorney 2006-L-07
02-09-2006 Randy Schobinger, State Senator & Howard Swanson, Grand Forks City Attorney 2006-L-06
02-01-2006 April Fairfield, State Senator 2006-L-05
02-01-2006 Howard Swanson, Nelson County State's Attorney's Office
01-24-2006 Ray Holmberg, State Senator 2006-L-03
01-04-2006 Ole Aarsvold, State Representative 2006-L-02
01-03-2006 John Van Grinsven, Ward County State's Attorney 2006-L-01