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2009 Opinions

12-28-2009 Fritz Fremgen, Stutsman County State's Attorney 2009-L-19
11-27-2009 Dennis Johnson, McKenzie County State's Attorney 2009-L-18
10-23-2009 Aaron Roseland, Adams County State's Attorney 2009-L-17
10-13-2009 Terry Elhard, McIntosh County State's Attorney 2009-L-16
10-12-2009 Wayne G. Sanstead, Department of Public Instruction 2009-L-15
10-09-2009 A. W. Stokes, Richland County State's Attorney 2009-L-14
08-03-2009 John Shockley, Mapleton City Attorney 2009-L-13
07-07-2009 Representative Merle Boucher 2009-L-12
07-06-2009 Representatives Kim Koppelman, Dan Ruby, Mike Schatz 2009-L-11
07-01-2009 RaeAnn Kelsch, State Representative 2009-L-10
07-01-2009 Howard Swanson, Grand Forks City Attorney 2009-L-09
06-04-2009 Al Carlson, State Representative 2009-L-08
04-24-2009 Rozanna Larson, Ward County State's Attorney 2009-L-07
03-18-2009 Ray Holmberg & Mac Schneider, State Senators 2009-L-06
02-23-2009 Elizabeth L. Pendlay, Crosby City Attorney 2009-L-05
02-09-2009 Thomas L. Fischer, Cass County Joint Water Resource 2009-L-04
02-06-2009 Wade Enget, Tioga City Attorney 2009-L-03
02-02-2009 Kevin Cramer, Public Service Commission 2009-L-02
01-05-2009 Dennis Johnson, McKenzie County State's Attorney 2009-L-01