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More Than 60 Days Since Application Submitted

Please be patient. It takes approximately 60 days (2 months) to process a satisfactorily completed application form that has all required documents attached. However:

  1. If you have lived or worked outside North Dakota it may be necessary for us to verify information with another state – this may require additional time to process your application.
  2. If we have to return the application form to you or ask you to submit additional information, the 60 days processing time begins after we receive the resubmitted application form or additional information.


PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL TO ASK ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION. State law prohibits the BCI from providing information about the status of an application to anyone, including the applicant. 

If it has been more than 60 days since a satisfactorily completed application was submitted to the BCI and you have not received the license or a denial letter, you can send a letter to the BCI. Your letter must include your full name, date of birth and current mailing address. Mail it to:

PO Box 1054
Bismarck ND 58502

We are not able to respond to these letters. Instead, when we receive your letter we check our records to see if we received your application and if so, if we are waiting for additional information. If the license was issued, we will assume it has been lost in the mail and will re-issue the license to the address listed on your application form.