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Crime Statistics - Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR)

The BCI is responsible for managing the state Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. The UCR program involves the collection, compilation, and analysis of crime statistics collected from local police departments, sheriff's offices, and Drug Task Forces in North Dakota.

The annual Crime in North Dakota report is published utilizing data gathered through the UCR program. This report summarizes crime and arrest data reported by local law enforcement agencies throughout the state. The report contains crime and arrest information for a ten-year period as well as separate analysis of Driving under the Influence offenses, arrests for drug offenses, arrests of juveniles, and arrests of adults.

Information gathered through the UCR program is used for a variety of purposes. Other state agencies routinely request UCR data for planning and research purposes. Crime rate information is a quality-of-life measure that is used by businesses considering locating in North Dakota. Students, professors, and researchers interested in criminal justice issues also use information available through UCR reporting.

UCR reporting in North Dakota is based on national reporting specifications. The BCI forwards North Dakota data to the national UCR program administered by the FBI. This data is included in national publications including the annual Crime in the United States report.

The crime information collected through the UCR program is also used to determine allocations of federal grant funds. Our state receives millions of dollars in federal grant funds each year that are determined, in part, by crime rate information. Examples of federal grant programs include the Edward Byrne Memorial Funds (Drug and Violent Crime funds), Local Law Enforcement Block Grant, and the Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant Program.

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